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In my private practice I provide a supportive and safe space for you. Through thoughtful listening and reflection we will work through the challenges that you face. And by cultivating our therapy relationship we can address your life stressors and difficulties in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Together we will increase insight into your life and improve your capacity to cope. To this end, I provide both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

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What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is similar to psychotherapy in many ways, however there are some differences. Unlike psychotherapy sessions, which occur one - two times a week, psychoanalysis sessions gradually increase to three - four times a week. During psychoanalysis you are encouraged to engage in free association and introspection. Psychoanalysis is generally more extensive and tends to delve more into unconscious factors than psychotherapy, which can further the depth and pace of change. Nonetheless, they share the same spirit in terms of their principles and outcomes, as discussed below.

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My approach

Self Expression & Self Awareness

In therapy an emphasis is placed on your self-expression and a gradual opening up. This helps me to better understand you, however it is most vital in helping you to better understand yourself - to see and to feel the kind of life you are truly living. During this process I help develop within you the capacity to see and subsequently the willingness to change - as before anyone can understand what to “do”, we must initially understand what we are doing.

It is primarily a procedure of enlightening, revealing, awakening. Psychoanalysis in the vanguard of the search for truth about human beings is essentially a process of education.

Focus on Here & Now

In therapy it is common to reflect on one’s childhood, which is of great importance, but not our ultimate goal. The tendencies and solutions that developed in our youth often persist unconsciously in our present day life. These tendencies might be held on to given feelings of familiarity, comfort or value, however they can keep us “stuck” and are no longer in our best interest. In therapy the emphasis is on the present day and current struggles. It is the linking of the past with present - the awareness and understanding of how and why past patterns are operating in the here and now - that leads to true insight.

It must be emphasized that the goal of analysis is not to uncover weaknesses. In fact, the process of revelation ultimately discloses a person’s strength.

Growth, Creativity & Strength

There is an intrinsic element within people working toward genuine, healthy growth. It is within the safe relationship between therapist and patient that this growth is together fostered. Through this collaboration we get in touch with your unknown sources of strength and vulnerability, which ultimately leads to more creative and constructive living.

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fees & Payment

I'm considered an out-of-network provider by most insurance companies. However, I make the reimbursement process as simple as possible by providing all the necessary paperwork in a timely fashion.

Most patients are reimbursed 60 to 80% of their session costs. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider in advance to determine level of coverage.


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